Forever is a Really Long Time

No one knew where the Voice had originated, but it blared across every set of speakers for miles. The people called it a Radio and according to legend the Voice came from a person known as a Host who would sit at a desk enclosed behind glass partitions that reached to the ceiling.  

The Host, who was responsible for narrating the broadcast, would use a large mesh disk to speak into and an array of hundreds of colorful buttons and dials, all lined up neatly in linear rows.  Speaking the news and pushing various buttons was the means the Host used to get that day’s news out and into the Radios of the millions of people in the Union.

Every once in awhile a vintage picture, torn and slightly yellowed, would appear in a magazine, or peer up from the glossy, dusty pages of a photo album, depicting the Studio where the Host would sit and narrate the news.

Everyone knew that there was a Studio, with a Host, who broadcasted the News, but no one had ever actually seen one, or met a person whose job was to be the Radio Voice. Regardless of that minute fact, every loyal worker in the Union believed it was there, all the same.  

During the lonely drive to work the Radio kept them company, throughout the long, sweaty, and tiresome working hours the Voice kept their spirits high, and the gently hum of the Radio lulled the people into a drowsy slumber.  

Unfortunately, it was hidden from the people of the Union that the Radio had been pre-recorded centuries ago, there was no Studio and the Voice was a distant recording that had been continuously set to replay over and over again, forever.   

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