Daily Routines

Every writer seems to have a ritual, even if they don’t have a strict one.  Some professionals swear by theirs because they believe by having a ritual and sticking to it they have the ability to get into the writing flow better.

Recently I have been really into books about the daily routines of creative people.  I’ve read Odd Type Writers by Celia Blue Johnson and Daily Rituals by Mason Curry.  Personal I enjoyed Daily Rituals better; I felt it was better written and inspires my own desire to write.

A good writing day:

Get up around 8:00 and get ready.  This includes coffee, shower, etc.

By 9:00 I’m ready to write.  Recently I have found laying horizontal is the only way to get the creative juices flowing.  Actually other writers, such as Capote and Sitwell, found that laying down was the best way for them to write.  When I am laying in bed; listening to a great classical music station on the radio; my pets lounging nearby; I have all my writing materials, books, my coffee, some water, and a light snack; only then can I start writing.

Usually I write from around 9:00 until lunchtime, eat a light lunch, and then go back to my bed and write some more.  If I am finding it difficult to get my words flowing, I read or jot down ideas in my journal.  Sometimes I find that I can’t do any writing, and reading doesn’t sound appealing, so I sketch or paint, or play the piano–something creative.

By evening time I like to get online and check my email, Facebook, or look around on Amazon–they have an amazing selection and great deals on books.  If I’m productive I will continue writing after dinner, but usually I spend some time with my husband and my pets, or visit with my friends and family.

This is what a good day of writing would look like for me.

What does a great writing day look like for you?


Curry, Mason. Daily Rituals. Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 2016.

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Updated 5 July 2018




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