Candidates are dropping out. What happened to diversity?

Joe Biden got a big comeback on Super Tuesday, there is no denying that. But at what cost? I feel his campaign’s success comes from forcing minority voices out, and then gobbling them up into his narrative. And all for what? So the Democratic Party can win? That doesn’t seem like Democracy. What about the American People’s wants? When will we be able to vote for what we, the people, want?

This election had the most diverse number of candidates than any other Democratic primary election, and they all brought a lot of great ideas for the future to the debate stage and to this election, but one-by-one each one was pushed out. Now we have three candidates left and the focus of this election cycle is becoming clearer. The focus is not determining a president that will help our country as it progresses. It is all about who is going to beat Donald Trump.

Let’s look at some of the minority voices that have been pushed out:

  1. Julian Castro
  2. Kamala Harris
  3. Cory Booker
  4. Amy Klobachar
  5. Pete Buttigieg
  6. Elizabeth Warren
  7. Many, many more…

All these candidates had some really great ideas on how they wanted to help the American People. But instead of asking ourselves, which ideas do I like, who would make a good president, we were ushered into thinking who would beat the current president. As these candidates leave I start to feel like my voice, like my fellow American’s voices, are being pushed aside so another agenda can be fulfilled. I understand that a big part of the Democratic’s purpose in this election is to defeat Donald Trump, but why do the American people need to help them do that? When will it be our turn to vote for a president that we want? Instead of voting to help a party get rid of someone they don’t like. I’m not just speaking as a Bernie supporter, but as a person whose candidate is in danger of being pushed out like Mayor Pete, Harris, Warren, Yang, Klobachar, Williams, Booker, Castro and others. My vote is more valuable to me than as a piece in someone else’s game.

Is your main focus beating Donald Trump?

I want to hear your opinions about this so comment below.

Image Source: “Re: America” by Alex Jefferson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

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