Bernie’s clever Move.

Right now Bernie Sander’s is airing a talk with experts about the Coronavirus. I think this is a smart move because he is showing people what a president ought to do during a crisis. But that is not the only clever thing about his talk. Bernie’s panel aired on C-SPAN and a whole bunch of people still watch that channel. Not only that but Biden today was asked if he could make a comment on the pandemic, and his response was, “Happy to talk about that later.”

Here is the video:

From Bernie Sander’s Twitter. Retrieved 3/9/20.

I don’t know what kind of impact this panel will have on tomorrow’s voter results, but at least Bernie is trying to show the Nation what he would do if he was president. His panel knew all his talking points, and brought up relevant issues with our healthcare system. Good luck Bernie!

Featured Image: “IMG_5513” by cornstalker is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

What do you think about his panel idea?

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