“Let Dairy Die” Protesters, who are They?

Maybe you have seen them, maybe you have heard them, but “Let Dairy Die” protesters periodically disrupt the presidential debates and rally’s. Who are they and why are they protesting? After some research, I found some information out. The protesters are animal right’s activists from Direct Action Everywhere or DxE. According to their website they want to use this time to help spread the problem of animal cruelty. Priya Sawhney, a protester who hampered Bernie’s Carson City, NV, rally on February 16, explains why DxE is using rallies to spread their message:

“A lot of people were bewildered as to why anyone would use their opportunity to say anything to an audience of millions to “talk about milk.” That’s exactly the point. Animal rights needs to be a national conversation, and that requires breaking through to everyday Americans- who won’t support the cruelty of dairy if they really know what’s going on- that we can’t reach with a Facebook post about being kind to animals.”

Priya Sawhney from her article Confused by “Let Diary Die”? Good.

Maybe you have already seen what Priya Sawhney did during Bernie’s Speech in February:

Tweet from AJ Jivdaya. https://twitter.com/bunnydad_aj/status/1229159612458229760. Retrieved 3/8/20

But did you know that some days after DxE protests at Bernie’s Rally in Nevada, they consider doing it again in the Bay Area?

If you are a Warren supporter, you may have seen DxE in March at one of her rallies:

From Medicare for all Twitter. https://twitter.com/AnishMohanty_/status/1234710209110495232. Retrieved 3/8/20.

Most recently DxE has protested during Biden’s Super Tuesday Speech and at one of his rallies:

Screen snippets from Joe Biden’s March 7th Rally in St. Louis. Here the DxE protested and so did someone about Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill.

The DxE keeps popping up and I have a feeling they will continue to protest until one of the candidates addresses animal cruelty and promises to add the issue to their agenda.

Do you think protesting at rallies helps bring the issue of Animal Right’s to the Nation’s attention?

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