Scandal in Texas? 44 ballot boxes didn’t get counted.

Super Tuesday, I watched on the New York Times website as Bernie’s chances of winning Texas narrowed. But shortly after the state was called in favor of Biden, a couple of worrisome comments appeared from commentators. Something went wrong with the voting machines.

Snipped from Texas Comments from New York Times. Retrieved 3/8/20.

Any hopes of finding out more disappeared as Super Tuesday closed. Nothing was showing up in the headlines about the possibility of a Texas reporting systems mishap until the 7th, four days after Super Tuesday. Dallas County was requesting a recount.

From Jason Whitely’s Twitter. Retrieved 3/8/20.

I had to investigate.

I found out that the problems were coming from within Dallas County officials. On March 7th the Dallas County Elections Administrator, Toni Pippins-Poole, discovered that 44 thumb drives with voting results had not been counted. That is 10% of votes missing from the results. Poole is trying to get the permission to recount the votes in Dallas county and expects to hear back from the courts on Monday.

“I’m troubled by why 44 boxes had not been counted. We need to find out why that occurred and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

State Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas said according to the the article titled Dallas County asks to recount Super Tuesday election results after 44 thumb drives discovered by Jason Whitely.

Interestingly this is not the only problem the Dallas County has had with voting and election results.

In 2017 there was other problems that Poole was the center of. After the 2016 November election some of the results suggested interference. Poole believed that Russian hackers had messed with the voting machines in her county. Apparently, Homeland Security had informed her before the November elections that some of the precincts in her county were weak.

Photo of Poole in 2011

“The report that [Poole] misunderstood was highlighting potential areas of weak security that could be exploited by hackers”

Stanley Victrum, the county’s chief information officer said according to the In The Dallas Morning News on October 3, 2017 an article was published titled Dallas County elections official admits she was confused, Russian hacker claim was wrong by Naomi Martin.

Check out Poole’s New’s Release:

That was in 2017, now the problem isn’t being blamed on Russian hackers. According to the Texas Tribune, this time the mistake was not because of the machines, but instead from human error.

As I discovered more background on Poole and the continuous problems in Dallas County, I began to reflect on the possibilities of why this was happening. This is now the second problem we have had with counting the votes since Iowa. Maybe Poole was manipulating the system, but why?

I found my answer in a 2018 article from the Texas Scorecard. Apparently Republicans in Dallas County have been having an ongoing battle with Democrats to prevent voter fraud. For example, a Terri Hodge, who was put in prison for tax evasion, has been banned from running for office. Hodge still helps people fill out their mail in ballots. On the mail in ballots, apparently, voters can have someone help them fill their ballots out. That helper would fill out their name as an assistant to the voter. Some of the ballots Republicans were suspicious of and thought to be fraudulent were all signed by Hodge. Hodge had signed off on the ballots as, assistant.

“Mail ballot voter fraud is a persistent problem in Dallas County. One person has been sent to jail for voter fraud in an ongoing investigation of illegal mail ballot harvesting in recent Dallas elections.”

Erin Anderson, Journalist who wrote the October 31, 2018 article in the Texas Scorecard titled, Dallas County Republicans are seeking a temporary restraining order to delay opening of potentially fraudulent mail ballots.

What I am noticing in this 2020 election season is the enduring and incredible amount of fraud, cheating, and deception of the Democratic Party. Bernie was right, the Establishment is corrupt–maybe that is why he distances himself from them by being an Independent. I wonder how many more instances like Dallas County there are in the United States?

Why do you think Democratic’s still vote for candidates like Biden, if the party backing him are a part of scandals like the ones going on in Dallas County?

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