The media and Joe Biden’s auto worker scandal

I ran across a video on Twitter where Biden was having an argument with a voter. I got to thinking who was behind this? At first I was only thinking about the voter and his intentions, but then I realized that he had a real reason to be concerned. Remember how Beto O’Rourke conveniently endorsed Joe Biden right before Super Tuesday? Do you also remember what O’Rourke said about taking away guns? All of this is connected and only goes to show how mass media forms our opinions.

The original Tweet I saw:

Video 1. From Natasha Korechki’s Twitter. Retrieved 3/10/20.

A couple of things. First, why are we only seeing one side of this confrontation? Second, do you see the other workers with their phones out, recording? No surprise I found one of those recordings just now on Twitter:

Video 2. From Steve Guest’s Twitter. Retrieved 3/10/20 at 5:00pm.

I’m wondering if the woman who is recording will post her version of the argument soon. No doubt that will be another piece of this story to be put out later today.

Anyhow, why is a voter confronting Biden and should we care? One motivation to spread this story is to reveal how Biden’s endorsements are going to have both negative and positive impacts on his campaign. When Biden was endorsed by O’Rourke, he got Texans ready to vote for him. But he also has voters who didn’t like O’Rourke for his ideas on gun control. Something to consider, if we ever can prove that Biden’s campaign was actually the ones behind this stunt, is how Biden is willing to sacrifice some voters in exchange for others.

Consider the following compilation about O’Rourke’s endorsement and the negative impact it had on some:

Video 3. Jack Gately’s Tweet. Retrieved 3/10/20 at 5:02pm.

Initially I wondered why the voter was asking Biden a question about guns and if he had been urged to do so. I racked my brains for possible reasons or motivations. At first I considered that the auto worker may have been from the Muslim faith. I’m going to have to admit something here, I judged someone by their appearance and believed the man to be Muslim because he wore a beard. Muslims, I thought, wore beards for their faith. All of this crossed my mind when I saw the worker. To add to my reasoning, Bernie was recently endorsed by the Muslim community. I was seeing more and more people of Muslim faith coming out to support him. So, initially I thought the auto worker may have been trying to help Bernie somehow by exposing Biden’s doubletalk. Or alternatively, a Muslim asking about guns can strike fear into some people. Especially people who believe, wrongly, that all Muslims like guns so they can harm Americans.

Now my opinion has changed. If you didn’t already notice from Video 2, the worker was reading off his phone, as if from a text message. A text message to me means a script. We also got a clearer view of his face, which blurs the ability of us to judge him for his faith or ethnicity. There are so many questions and unknowns surrounding this incident. I have no idea what to believe. Somehow all of this was staged, but really well. I saw and wrote about what a Bernie “staging” looks like and it doesn’t compare to this auto worker confrontation. Honestly, I don’t think a Bernie Bro was behind this stunt. In fact I doubt Bernie had anything to do with this. Mainly, I think this because the whole rolling out of the story was “to good” and to “real(ity TV)”.

Check out the latest Tweet in the Joe Biden auto worker story:

From Sarah Mucha’s Twitter. Retrieved 3/10/20 at 5:58 pm.

My take away from this:

  1. Bernie Sanders has given us a litmus test between his reality and the media’s. His reality can be checked out by watching his C-SPAN Panel about the Coronavirus. The media’s reality is clearly what is happening with the Joe Biden Auto Worker story.
  2. A lot of what we see and hear needs to be critically evaluated before jumping to conclusions. I learned this especially after assuming it must be a Muslim man who was confronting Biden. It is unclear what religion the man is and it shouldn’t matter.
  3. That leads me to my third point. It shouldn’t matter what ethnicity a person is or what religion they choose to believe in. But it is mattering right now during this election and I think that is disgusting.

We need to change our society to work for everyone and I really think we can if Bernie is elected president.

What do you think?

Further Reading: Noam Chomsky: “Bernie Sanders Has Inspired a Mass Popular Movement” from Jacobin

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