Symbolism in writing through the lenses of poetry.

Symbolism in writing is a commonly used aesthetic device.  I want to shed some new light on symbolism drawing from the perspectives of the poets Goethe and Dante and the literary critic Austin Warren. Understanding symbolism through a poet’s eyes can help writers make their work more interesting and make them more knowledgeable in their craft. (more…)


When the Black Monk Knocks, Answer. Chekhov’s Short Story on Mental Illness.

In the short story The Black Monk Chekhov writes about death, faith, and individuality. Andrey Vasil’ich Kovrin, the main character of the short story died in a peculiar way.  He was visited by a fabricated phantom, started hemorrhaging, and then fell face first into a puddle of his own blood.  I took something surprising from the short story which changed my perception on living and dying.  (more…)