Writers make around $30k a year. That isn’t a lot. Of course once a writer publishes a Best Seller, their salaries go up. Ashleigh is working towards that goal. Until then, she helps other writers improve their texts, and gets paid doing it.

If you need your writing edited or revised, or need a beta reader who writes critiques, please contact Ashleigh HERE.

Check out Ashleigh’s Portfolio to understand her style.


Freelancers have to work hard to earn an income. In part, their success depends on the amount of effort they put into building their client list. Ashleigh is presently building her list of clients. She was active on Fiverr and UpWork until she built her client list. Now she works independently through her website.


If you need a piece edited or a critique written up fast, and you have a fixed budget, consider asking Ashleigh about her gigs.

Gig, in this context, means a temporary job.

Types of Services a Writer Looks for

Beta Reading

Beta readers read a book for a writer. They are important because they offer a fresh perspective on the piece. This will help the author improve on their text. If you have finished your book or shorter piece, you should have it read by someone else.

Ashleigh is a writer, so she understands what to look for in your work to improve it.

Feedback and Critiques

Writers need someone to help them to think about their piece in a new way. Depending on the quality of the feedback, a good critique of your work is invaluable.

Ashleigh works with other writers in writing workshop groups. She knows the difference between helpful and harmful feedback. This writer’s personal philosophy is: every piece of writing includes parts that work really well, and every piece includes parts that require attention. A text has to be chipped away until the underlying form or message begins to emerge. Ashleigh helps writers uncover the purpose and focus of what their piece intends to communicate.

Editing, Revising, and Copy Editing

Sometimes a writer needs their text corrected. Maybe they are a non-native English writer and need their text to read as if written by a native English writer. Or, an author might be great at drafting a piece, but despises rewriting. These two situations require an editor.

Ashleigh is a substantive editor. That means she revises your piece focusing on presentation. This style of editing is an art and subjective. Ashleigh wants your piece to be engaging. While she reads each sentence one-by-one, she pays close attention to the word choice, syntax, and grammar.

Longer Projects

Ashleigh is using her website to be a source of information and also to connect with potential clients. If you are a client, please contact Ashleigh HERE. After looking over your writing needs, Ashleigh will be in touch to figure out how she can best serve your writing needs.

Writers Appreciate Ashleigh’s Work

“Great experience. Fast delivery. Saved me!”

“Ashleigh was a pleasure to work with and fast. The feedback she provided was absolutely valuable. I will definitely use her services again. I’m very pleased!”

“The seller provided clear, constructive feedback well before the deadline. I will definitely use the suggestions provided to revise and improve my work.”

“A[shleigh] h[as] done an excellent job with my book. She’s really professional, reliable and ready to satisfy all customer requests. One of the few really good here on Fiverr. I highly recommend her to everyone, and I will definitely choose her again! Thanks for everything!”

What clients are saying

Updated 27 November 2020