Mission statement of Our Campaign 2020

What spurred the idea for this blog came from wanting to contribute somehow to Bernie Sanders’ grass roots movement occurring right now in our society. This blog is going to follow the 2020 Presidential Elections not only to reveal an alternative perspective, but also to act as a record for prosperity.

There is something going on in our political system that I can’t help but notice. I’m not sure if what Bernie Sanders has been warning us about has finally entered into my head and infected my world view, or if what is happening in our society has been happening all around me but I have been blind to it until now.

This blog is how I am going to help in this fight.

  • Because fighting for what we believe is American
  • Because fighting back allows us to express our diverse range of voices and have them be heard
  • Because fighting is the only way we can bring about change
  • Because women, African Americans, Asian Americans, authors, leaders, LGBTQs, Native Americans, Latinos, rich, poor, have a right to be heard
  • Because healthcare is a human right
  • Because student debt needs to be forgiven
  • Because so many voices have been suppressed
  • Because we deserve a working wage
  • Because every child should have the right to go to good schools

I have no idea where the campaign is going to take me. But one of the wonderful things about writing about it is how different the beginning will be from the end. As I investigate this campaign and write about what I find, my views will change and I my opinion will evolve as I learn, grow and interact with others.

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